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Lesbian Adventure Club Series Introduction: This ongoing series revolves around five lesbian couples—from a variety of careers and at different stages in their relationships—who spend a weekend per month immersed in an adventure concocted by one of the couples. While the stories center upon the adventure, the foundation of each is built upon the gritty issues of friendship and trust between women. Told in first-person by character Kate Sutter, a newspaper reporter, the writing is crisp, and yet, it utilizes her unique perspective and peculiar sense of humor, sending it between the extremes of sentimentality and outright hilarity.

Currently, there are twenty titles in the LAC series, plus a 'half' book. They are available in paperback and ebook.

LAC Prequel Backstory: The Queen of Terrified & The Newly Brave Landowner is a lesbian romance detailing the beginnings of Kate and Claudia's relationship, the infamous "nerd gets the cheerleader" story.

Detective Laura McCallister Lesbian Mystery Series: One of the LAC series' regulars is Laura McCallister, a detective with the Granton Police Department. She enjoys her own mystery series with four titles: Woman Justice, Secrets and Sins, Corpse Call, and The Watson Evidence. They are available in paperback and ebook.

Paranormal Mystery: Unrelated to either series and introducing a new cast of characters is Squatter.

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